Do you need a writer? You are in the right place.

You are looking for a writer on topics of travel, education, business, lifestyle, or writing? You need someone who knows SEO techniques and content creation for the online market? For the past 7 years Ana Markov has been working as a writer, columnist, copywriter and editor in these fields.

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Translating Services

You have a text that needs translating into or from Serbian? Then you definitely need a professional with technical skill and experience in the field.

Ana Markov graduated from Belgrade’s Faculty of Philology, with a major in english language, literature and culture, and holds a M.A. in English Literature. For the past 7 years she has worked as a translator with publishing houses, NGOs and PhD candidates.

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Price range: depending on length, area of expertise, style and deadline, the prices range from 5-10 euros per a translator’s page (1800 characters with spaces). The price can also be negotiated depending on other factors and circumstances.

You want me to write about your product?

Ana writes sponsored texts on brands, services and products based on her personal experiences. You can expect professionalism, timely delivery and a creative approach. Posts can be written in both Serbian and English and will be marked as sponsored for the transparency of the process.

Topic, approach, format and other aspects of the text, as well as the possibility of sharing it on Ana’s social media pages can be arranged in further detail. You can send your questions and propositions at …..

Collaborations can also be conducted on a quid pro quo basis, depending on the offer.

Advertising on Ana Markov’s blog

Apart from sponsored texts, you can advertize your products and services on Ana’s blog in the form of banners. If this is something that might interest you, contact Ana at…..