Hi! Here is everything you need to know about Ana Markov.

She is a writer, traveler, translator and teacher.

Ana speaks Serbian, English and Spanish, and actively writes blogs, columns, prose and poetry in both English and Serbian. Currently, she is working on her first book. Having started traveling as a student, she now doesn’t know how to stop. She loves exploring the world and her home, the Balkan Peninsula. Travels serve her as inspiration for stories she shares with her audiences, as well as motivation for personal growth.

Lover of books, films, art, magic and history of the world, Ana enjoys the creative side of life.

She currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia, where she works on empowering women, sharing their stories and her own experiences for all those who wish to be writers as well.

If you want to collaborate with Ana you can email her at …. and you can find out more about the services she offers by clicking here.